April 19, 2011

Make a pipecleaner Bunny!

Make some cute bunnies for Easter!

You will need:
  • A pipecleaner/Chenille stick
  • Scissors or wirecutters 
  • PVA or tacky glue
  • A small pompom
  • Googly eyes

1. Make the ears by cutting off about a 10 cm length of the pipecleaner. Fold both ends into the middle and into a v shape.


2. Make the head and body by cutting another 10cm length and folding in half. Lay the ears on top of the body.

3. Bend the top of the bent pipecleaner down over the ears and up again to make the face of the bunny

 4. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner for the arms and legs. They should be about 4cm. Bend the legs in half and bend the ends of the legs to make feet.

5. Lie the arms and legs on top of the body.

6. Bend the ends of the body up under the chin to complete your bunny. Decorate your bunny by glueing on a pompom tail, googly eyes and any other things you want!

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